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With over twenty years’ recruitment experience gained solely in the Construction Industry we are specialists in our sector. If you are looking for a Construction Recruitment Specialist on LinkedIn, either to find a job or to recruit we are here to assist. From our offices in St Albans, Hertfordshire we are only a short commute to Central London and also cover the surrounding Home Counties and International requirements.

Advances in Recruitment 

Over the years we have seen recruitment methods evolve, from hand written CVs in the post, to faxed copies, then emails and latterly sharing through the cloud. Similarly, paper copy advertisements for jobs in the trade press and weekly tabloids. Recruitment techniques have had to adapt with the times.  We have used most out there, from your trusty black book (now smart device), through to the latest software, job boards and networking sites. One networking site that has become more well-known in recent years is LinkedIn.

“We’re Hiring!”

My career in the Construction Industry started at the beginning of the millennium, so LinkedIn is a site that I have used from the outset. For many recruiters it has become the go to place to network. This is all good and well, however there is a lot more to recruitment than just placing a post to say “We’re hiring” with a shopping list of requirements or sending a blank invitation to connect to a potential contact.

Specialist Knowledge 

Like any specialist, a knowledge of a subject does not happen overnight it takes time. We are niche in what we do here at Speyhawk Ltd. We specialise in all things building / construction, that’s commercial, technical, design and management professionals, from graduates through to director level and associated support staff.  Salaries typically range from £25,000 to £250,000 plus packages and we work with an interesting mix of clients in the UK and Internationally.

Where is the best place to find Construction Jobs?

I was reading an article recently about how people are finding jobs in today’s e-commerce society and it stated up to 85% of positions aren’t generally advertised in the public domain. With this in mind you can’t be reliant on every opportunity being posted on LinkedIn, or on any other job board for that matter. Not all employers want to publicise they are recruiting, for reasons such as privacy, diplomacy, to protect pay scales etc. This is how a specialist construction recruiter can offer you an inside track and the benefit of their network and industry knowledge.

Let Speyhawk Ltd help refine your search

It gets you thinking, what is the best way to find a job in the Construction Industry then? It has certainly become a lot more involved and time consuming, a privilege many don’t have working full time and juggling the usual domestic duties, COVID aside.

Where do you start your job search? What job boards do you use? Do you need a LinkedIn profile? Which agency or agencies do you work with? We can help you refine the options and ultimately find you a suitable job. Similarly, from an employer’s perspective we can open up a network of active, prequalified candidates and we attract some of the industry’s best through our premium website.

How to Connect with Construction Recruitment Specialists on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a new role or to network with a recruiter or a potential employer on LinkedIn, then think about your approach. Would you accept a blank request to connect from a recruiter? Surely you would want to know who they are and why they have made the initial contact? A line or two goes a long way and it helps personalise your message. If you were to apply over the phone or in person, you’d introduce yourself and give a brief overview.

Speyhawk Ltd – Our Services for Employers

For employers or businesses looking to recruit, we can help tailor your requirements to ensure they get found online. This can be done under the banner of Speyhawk Ltd and completely anonymously and depending on the level of service you require we can be as consultative and involved as you would like. From putting together a well written advertisement, posting across our online channels, giving you maximum exposure, through to filtering the response, interviewing, report writing, profiling and our personal recommendations. We know what gets the results.

If you would like to know more, please contact Jamie Pearson at Speyhawk Ltd to discuss your requirements or upload your CV. Please visit our Speyhawk Ltd LinkedIn company profile.


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