Blue, Blue, Blue Skies for the UK Construction Industry!

After recent speculation about the results of the General Election 2015 and its effect on the UK economy, in particular the Construction Industry, it looks like all the talk of the uncertainty that was set to follow, could have all been unfounded? This morning’s results saw the FTSE 100 climb and the financial markets rallied, led by property. It would appear both the economists and opinion polls under estimated David Cameron and The Conservative Party, who have won by a majority vote (albeit slim).

Following the news and reports over the past 24 hours, one popular morning show (This Morning) was interviewing one of London’s influential business leaders and a former MP. Entrepreneur, James Caan, who has interests in the Construction industry, commented “people have voted for continuity and stability” and that’s what the industry needs.

There are still undoubtedly cracks that have been left from the recession and it’s likely we will still see more big names come and go over the next twelve months, but the upside of the recession is that it has also brought about new opportunities.

Having worked in the industry for one company for over thirteen years I took the opportunity to set up my own business with an old colleague, Tom Jefferies and founded “Speyhawk Ltd”.  The name already had its groundings in the industry, previously a major property developer. We acquired the name for its uniqueness and a combination of its meaning Spey; which aside from being a river in Scotland is a casting technique, used in fishing to avoid obstacles on the shore and Hawk; a highly effective bird of prey.

We are an independent business with offices in Hertfordshire and have an extensive client base, comprising international development houses, construction/cost management businesses, and local, regional, national and specialist contractors.

If you are looking for a new job in the UK Construction Industry or Overseas and would like a traditional service, from professionals that know and understand your industry, then please contact Jamie Pearson or Tom Jefferies on: 01582 832863. Alternatively please visit our website, where you can register your interest, contact us, or submit a CV:

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